Boost your dog’s gut health

Less tummy aches, more belly rubs! Explore our Dr. Alvar Digestion+ recipes and create a meal plan that supports your dog’s health.

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Introducing Dr. Alvar Digestion+

Gut issues can cause discomfort to your dog, and it’s sometimes tricky to uncover the reasons behind it. Our Digestion+ nutritional compound features active ingredients that strengthen your dog’s digestive microbiome.

✔️ Prebiotics to support intestinal microbiota
✔️ Omega fatty acids for the intestinal mucosa
✔️ Beet pulp to nourish the gut
✔️ Psyllium to balance stool consistency
✔️ Highly digestible ingredients

Our dry food recipes featuring Dr. Alvar Digestion+

91% of our customers reported digestive improvements after switching their dog’s diet to Alvar.


“Our 7-year-old Aku Basenji struggled with stomach aches before we found Alvar. Aku loved the food right away and his tummy issues are history!” – Ulla


“Best food ever! The food smells amazing and all our three Chihuahuas love it. Their constant diarrhea has been resolved by changing to Alvar. 🙂🐶” – Outianna

Dr. Alvar PLUS: more than a sum of its parts

What are +? A range of nutritional compounds developed by Alvar Pet’s team of veterinarians dog food experts.

Adjusted levels of essential nutrients together with carefully selected active ingredients create a synergistic combination that provides targeted health benefits to cater to dogs’ individual needs.

Just like mathematical equations, Dr. Alvar+ compounds are based on science; scientific research of dog’s nutritional needs.

What is in Dr. Alvar+ compounds? The compounds consist of carefully chosen functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals. We primarily source from the Nordics, harnessing the superpowers of nature.

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