DR. Alvar Senior+ designed to support your senior dog's needs

Support your senior dog’s health

Explore our Dr. Alvar Senior+ recipes that are designed to support your senior dog’s needs.

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DR. Alvar Senior+ designed to support your senior dog's needs

Introducing Dr. Alvar Senior+

This nutritional compound features active ingredients that support your senior dog’s health!

✔️ Moderate fat and calories for ideal weight ⚖️
✔️ Higher fiber for satiety support 🌾
✔️ L-carnitine for fat metabolism 🐾
✔️ Omega-3 from fish oil to support brain health 🧠
✔️ Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate for flexible joints 🐕
✔️ Antioxidants to fight oxidative stress 🍓

Our dry food recipes featuring Dr. Alvar Senior+

87% have reported that their dog seems healthier after switching to Alvar food.


Leroy 15 years old got excited about the new kibble right away and even started eating it without wet food (we give him 50/50 kibble and wet food). I noticed after a month that our senior has more energy and the fur is better!


Our senior dog really likes the food and eats the whole portion at once, before his old food could lay in the bowl for the whole day.

Dr. Alvar PLUS: more than a sum of its parts

What are +? A range of nutritional compounds developed by Alvar Pet’s team of veterinarians dog food experts.

Adjusted levels of essential nutrients together with carefully selected active ingredients create a synergistic combination that provides targeted health benefits to cater to dogs’ individual needs.

Just like mathematical equations, Dr. Alvar+ compounds are based on science; scientific research of dog’s nutritional needs.

What is in Dr. Alvar+ compounds? The compounds consist of carefully chosen functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals. We primarily source from the Nordics, harnessing the superpowers of nature.

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