About Alvar

Alvar Pet is a Helsinki-based startup on a mission to minimise the carbon paw print.

(And that, in the photo, is Alvar. Our muse, front figure and Head of Tasting.)

This is Alvar’s story.

Hi, so nice that you’ve found your way into our little corner of the internet! 👋🏼 To get acquainted, here’s a bit of background to our startup.

We (founders Ilari, Henna and Hanna) started Alvar Pet in 2020 to solve an issue very close to our hearts.

First of all, stating the obvious: DOGS ARE AMAZING. 💖

But we worry about the growing environmental impact of our furry friends: the population of dogs is rising, and even more so are their emissions.

At the same time, different types of dietary problems like sensitivities, allergies and obesity, are becoming more common.

Meaning, we have more dogs, with bigger CO2 paw prints, who are not receiving nutrition suitable to their needs! We want to solve that.

Alvar Pet is here to support the health of your dog – without compromising the health of our planet.

Our product development is driven by scientific evidence of dogs’ nutritional needs and dog food’s environmental impacts. By combining the two, we’re able to create high quality nutrition targeting specific health issues – with minimal burden on the climate.

We create tailored meal plans designed by vets and nutrition experts, consisting of eco-friendly natural ingredients where emissions are minimised every step of the way. To give you context, our dry food range’s CO2 paw print is 84% less than the category average.

And we’re just getting started.

During the three years of our journey, we have become one of the quickest-growing pet startups in Europe, serve over 30 000 dogs and operate across the Nordics in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Our team has grown to 11 amazing people and 10 adorable office dogs strong – and we’ve expanded our portfolio to cater to a variety of different needs with innovative, sustainable, and delicious products.

Which is a great segue to YOUR DOG. We can’t wait to hear all about them, add our nutrition expertise and combine the two into a healthy, high quality meal plan tailored to your dog’s needs.

Ready to rumble? Head on over to what we call our nutrition quiz. 💚

Our team


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder, Vet, Head of R&D


Co-founder & CMO


Expansion Lead


Growth Hacker


Partnerships Coordinator






Customer Care Specialist


Customer Care Specialist

Reach us? Our emails follow the format firstname@alvarpet.com.
Join us? As a growth company we recruit regularly.
Feel free to send your open application to hello@alvarpet.com.


Our values

Things should change, and everything we do targets that.

Contrary to industry standards, we want to tell everything.

Puts pack first
We strive to take the best care of our pack – team and pupstomers.

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