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Alvar's Chew

Hirvi 5-pack

Alvar's Chew

Hirvi 5-pack

100 % natural elk chew, made from elk skin.

Sustainable choice for the dog and the environment. Sturdy elk skin is good for chewing, using surplus leather we can minimise waste.

Alvar's complete meal plan

Tailored to your pup's needs and likes. Designed by our vet – and the most sustainable way to feed your dog. 🐾

What your pup's diet could look like

75 %
10 %
10 %
5 %

Sustainable diet cornerstone.


A spoonful of deliciousness.


Rewards for a good pup.


For a glossy coat & supple skin.

Trial offer? Wood yes! Try out the meal plan for as little as 4,90 €.