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Alvar’s tips for a safe Christmas

Kaapo dog with Christmas gifts and tree.
“*Sniff sniff* I can smell something yummy in the oven, *sniff sniff* hmm is it roast pork, let me put on my sweetest puppy eye stare so I can get some!” – Kaapo

We can’t be the only ones who experience these puppy eyes 👆🏼 during Christmas? Not all Christmas treats are good for dogs, and that’s why we’ve put together a list to ensure you and your furry friend get the best and safest Christmas together. ❤️

If your pup has been extra good this year – how about getting one of Alvar’s Christmas Bundles to put under the tree?

Here are Alvars tips for a safe Christmas with your furry friend:

🦴 Avoid giving your dog bones from the Christmas roast and put the frying fat and fatty table scraps far away from your dog’s reach. The bones can get stuck in their system and the fats can irritate their tummy.

🍫 Nuts, raisins, chocolate and anything baked with yeast are a no-go for dogs. The same applies to alcohol and anything with xylitol. All in all: avoid snack sharing with your pup.

💐 Christmas decorations and flowers are lovely, but for example poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, tinsel, string, ribbons as well as other festive decorations and plants are not something you should let your dog chew on.

🗣 The Christmas stress, noise, family gatherings and many delicious smells can be stressful for some dogs. They might need more down time, a walk or time alone. You know your dog and their needs the best, so ensure a comfortable and safe surrounding for your pup.

🕯 Last but not least: watch your Christmas candles.. Fire and dog fur are not a good combination.

Instead of sharing your Christmas treats with your dog, treat your dog with some delicious dog snacks: check our Christmas offerings below for inspiration!