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It’s here: Sustainability report 2022

As you know we take our environmental impact seriously, and we are proud to share the progress that we’ve accomplished together with you.

This year, we’ve expanded our measurements beyond CO2e to better understand our impact on the environment. We believe it’s essential to take a holistic approach to sustainability, and have incorporated new metrics to reflect that. 📈

Without further ado:

Sneak peek to Alvar Pet's sustainability report 2022

There’s more! New feature on the customer app: “My CO2 paw print”

We are thrilled to launch a new section to your My Alvar customer app: a carbon paw print page where you’ll find more information about

  • How much CO2e emissions your dog has generated during their journey with us
  • How much CO2e emissions your dog has reduced by switching to Alvar

… Essentially, your dog’s very own and individual CO2 paw print report. 😍 Haven’t seen anything like this before, so getting it out to the world is a major moment for us!

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Sustainability Report 2021

It’s here! Alvar’s second annual sustainability report.

We’re so proud to publish our second annual sustainability report. Over the last year, we launched our operations internationally starting with Germany and grew from 7863 to over 26 000 pupstomers served. As minimising the carbon paw print is the core of our existence, documenting and sharing how we’ve done it thus far was important for us.

Here’s “Alvar impact” in a nutshell. We drill deeper on the different aspects of our sustainability work in the report. Read and/or download the 52-page pdf here!

We want to openly share the continuous steps that we take towards mission of minimising the carbon paw print. Needless to say, the journey is only at its beginning: the more sustainable our offering is, and the more puppers we can serve, the greater impact we have in the world and in combatting the biggest crisis of our generation – climate chance. 

Hope you enjoy the ready – should you have any questions please drop us an email at And if you haven’t already, join Alvar’s journey to zero-carbon paw prints!