94% of our customers saw improved digestion after switching their dog’s diet to Alvar.

Less tummy aches, more belly rubs! Ready to see the difference in your dog’s health?

Build tailored meal plan

Meal plan tailored to your dog’s needs

Our food guide is a convenient way to find your dog a healthy and needs-based diet: we will build a precise meal plan for your dog, and you get the first delivery at a demo deal starting from 9,90€.

Tell us about your dog! Based on the details, we’ll create a meal plan tailored to your dog. 

Order a demo box. We’ll send you a trial to start with, so you can see how the new diet fits your dog.

Wellbeing made easy – with regular deliveries to your door. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time.

Support your dog’s gut health with Dr. Alvar Digestion+

Gut issues can cause discomfort to your dog, and it’s sometimes tricky to uncover the reasons behind it. Our Digestion+ nutritional compound features active ingredients that strengthen your dog’s digestive microbiome.

✔️ Prebiotics to support intestinal microbiota
✔️ Omega fatty acids for the intestinal mucosa
✔️ Beet pulp to nourish the gut
✔️ Psyllium to balance stool consistency
✔️ Highly digestible ingredients

Our dry food recipes featuring Dr. Alvar Digestion+

Don’t take our word for it! Hear what the pupstomers said:


“Our 7-year-old Aku Basenji struggled with stomach aches before we found Alvar. Aku loved the food right away and his tummy issues are history!” – Ulla


“Best food ever! The food smells amazing and all our three Chihuahuas love it. Their constant diarrhea has been resolved by changing to Alvar. 🙂🐶” – Outianna

30 000 furry friends fed – no two are alike.

What is Digestion+? Plusses are nutritional compounds included in our dry food recipes. They’re developed by our veterinarian and a team of dog nutrition experts. Adjusted levels of nutrients together with active ingredients result in health benefits targeted to dogs’ individual needs.

Where’s 94% from? We asked our customers (N=577) who’s dogs have sensitive stomachs, if they’ve seen changes in their dog’s digestive health since changing the diet to Alvar.

Read more about gut health: